Phase II

Phase II Braces

When all permanent teeth have emerged in your child’s mouth, phase II orthodontic treatment can begin. Usually, phase II treatment entails braces on the upper and lower teeth for a prescribed amount of a time depending on your child’s individual case.

This is the period in which you really reap the benefit from your decision to seek Phase 1 treatment. Because of Phase 1, during Phase 2 your child will most likely experience a shorter and easier time in braces than he or she would have if they were just now beginning any orthodontic treatment. Major benefits include avoiding extractions and surgery!

Why Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment Is Worth It

Although two phases of orthodontic treatment may sound like it will cost more and be more involved, that is not necessarily the case. What we are essentially doing is splitting treatment into II shorter phases of treatment, and the cost of treatment is also split up accordingly. As we have discussed, early treatment can help guide your child’s permanent teeth to emerge in a more favorable position than they were going to naturally.

This can actually save your family time and money by correcting issues before they arise or worsen, thus simplifying orthodontic treatment later in life or in a few cases eliminating the need for it altogether.

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